Khadas Tone Board no right channel

From the day i have bought KTB i had tried 4 cables and the last one was connected till now. The RCA plugs look and feel very tightly fit.

try to connect to a TV, another computer, what will be the reaction there?

Same, 1 channel missing on another PC. I can’t connect my TV to KTB.

do not accidentally remember where the problem started?

Hi @pockobg
Can you post the picture again here? I cannot see the picture that you posted on Google Drive.

@Gouwa it is visible now, it has been changed from private to publicly viewable…

Hi @pockobg
Our sales will PM to you for the further details.

Good day!

Look at my first post.

Yesterday tried to upload but 1 photo took 10min for 10% to upload …

Just saw the message. Thanks!

thanks, I see the first post well

do not accidentally remember where the problem started?

So i already mentioned how it happened. I am afraid that i do not understand your question correctly then?

he is asking, what was the device doing when the scenario caused it to loose a audio channel ?

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yes, in such situations, more information is needed, unless of course you did anything else besides how to turn it on and that’s it.
okay, i hope Khadas tech support will contact you and help you!
good luck!

I was a sleep. Didn’t do nothing special :slight_smile:

Hope the tech support can help me.

Big thanks to everyone!