Khadas tone board Generic vs tone board VIM

it’s Khadas, it cannot be otherwise!

VIM: Bypasses TB-DAC, direct from VIM CPU to RCA-Out
Generic: Not Supported - somewhere down the page at specs

Are you 100% sure the SPDIF OUT will work when used via USB and not with the WIM?

understand me correctly please, this is the DAC, its task is to convert the signal from a digit to an analog, everything is simple!
This is like any other DAC, its main task.

Hello, Neither version of the Tone Board produces SPDIF output. Both versions do have SPDIF input.
SPDIF output on VIMs versions is simply passed thru from a mounted VIM.

yes, I tried to explain the same thing, this is a standard DAC scheme

I can confirm after testing it does not work in the scenario I wanted it.
If I was to buy the VIM to enable the SPDIF out it would be just a glorified RCA plug. The alternative would be to change the amp, maybe something for another time.

Think you guys miss read my original question :slight_smile:, @RDFTKV is correct. Not a wasted exercise, learned quite a bit going down that rabbit hole!

Guess I could look at a HAT for the PI via i2s that adds a digital output or keep using the USB DAC from the amp. The idea was to feed the source via digital as it accepts 24/192 vs 24/96 from the USB.
So I need a transmitter chip board not a DAC. Curiosity might push me to try it with a JustBoom or DACBerry.

I tried with 2 RPi Zeros, one via the USB DAC and one via HDMI to the TV which then feeds it via optical to the amp. I feel that the USB sounded softer and via the TV had the sound louder but less defined.

For some info about TB & I2S, see here.

yes, that’s another question