Khadas tone board Generic vs tone board VIM

Thanks for your help and super quick replies!

I might order a VIM3L, will give it a go and see how it works first.

For now the PI works fine with Spotify/Radio Paradise Flac and plays without any issues my NAS flac files, quite impressed. The NAD amp has an USB A to plug in an iPhone (input and charge) so it powers the Pi Zero and the other USB B for the amp DAC, hopefully that way the power supply is cleaner.

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By the way, did you watch the video?

Yep, it is a good Audio/media play setup

I did, thanks :slight_smile: , spent quite a few hours over the forums here and over at Volumio + quite a few other websites.

Was just confused on my usage case, only noticed today it might not actually work. I got the generic board and wasn’t sure the SPDIF OUT will work without the VIM version + VIM SBC

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Nope, nothing of such sorts,
the only difference of VIMs version and generic version is the Soldered 40pin headers

Is the second post on this thread wrong then? :slight_smile:

yes, you can connect it directly to the PC without having vim, you can use it however you want

TB is flexible enough to use

plus to everything you can connect headphones to it without buying an additional headphone amplifier, it is very profitable, and the sound is good enough!

That is the power of developer level products…

I might end up starting on TensorFlow after looking at your products :smiley:
Will test once it arrives, thanks again.


I believe that you have enough knowledge about TB, I am sure you will make the right choice! good luck to you!

You might want to consider the VIM3 in that case…

One “project” at a time! :smiley: I tend to look at something and end up a rabbit hole.
If I was going to use Volumio, just for audio, might be wasteful to go for the full VIM3

on vim3 you can go for dualdoot, but if you have modest tasks, then yes, vim3L

look no further, I am of the same character :grin:

yes, maybe for audio, but if you are interested in other development purposes, you might want to give it a shot, especially as a quality home entertainment system, @Vladimir.v.v can tell you his experience of use :smile:

it all depends on the tasks of course

we are talking about home entertainment here…

the possibilities are huge, pal

There you go, this should solve your answer… :smirk: