Khadas Tone 2 Pro EMI noise

I’m using the Tone 2 pro with a Galaxy fold 3 as a source.
I’m connecting the Galaxy fold 3 with the Tone 2 pro with the USB c to c cord provided with the Tone 2 Pro. My IEMs are the KXXS and connected to the 4.4mm output of the Khadas tone 2 pro. I’m streaming Tidal masters with UAPP. I keep hearing EMI noise through the IEMS. It’s usually at the start of a track and/or when changing tracks. I have tried adding a separate power source (Cell phone portable power bank) but it makes no difference.


  1. Is this normal? Do I have a defected unit?
  2. Would using a different USB C cable help?
  3. Would using something like the ifi silencer help?

probably its not even EMI and fixeable with some uapp parameter in uapp

Any ideas on what parameters that I should change?

looks like the same issue Tone 2 pro mqa issues
it’s due to mqa - try to play pcm or dsd and see if the issue occurs

Tone 2 Pro is pretty sensitive to EMI - try seeing if distancing your Fold 3 helps with the buzzing - and if it does then running it in airplane mode would help.