Tone 2 pro mqa issues

Got audio pops(clicks) on mqa tracks. When I’m pausing mqa track the tone 2 goes back to pcm - and when I click play it start playing it in pc mode and after a second delay it switches to mqa - which is causing sound pop. It is very annoying.

Video proofs are below.
Video proofs are below.

OSX test- khadas tone 2 pro - osx mqa(tidal) - YouTube
Androind test- khadas tone 2 pro android mqa(uapp) - YouTube

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We’ll test it out on our end to see if we can reproduce this issue.

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@tsoltan which Tidal account type are you using? I am unable to reproduce the ‘pop’ sounds on my end, as it seems I am only getting a standard PCM bit-stream.

Screenshot 2021-05-12 at 2.27.53 PM

Tidal hifi with Master quality tracks. This clicks happens on mqa to pcm switch on pause.

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I’ve recorded a new video using Tidal master tracks, please have a listen and indicate to me with timecodes where you can hear a ‘pop’ that sounds like your ‘pop’.

Example of a timecode:
00:05 - 5 seconds into the video

I did hear some ‘soft pops’ when using the forward and back buttons to change tracks, and I believe these could be an annoyance if sent through a high-powered amplifier to external speakers; but I would like to confirm with you if these are indeed the same ‘pops’.

2:19 - 2:32 - I can see that you have green(MQA) light all the time
I’ve checked the same track - but on mine when I click “pause” or scroll the track(like you did) - the tone for one sec switches to PCM(yellow) and than back to MQA(green) - that causes pop(click)

I understand. I’m not sure if this is related to firmware, however my Tone2 Pro is using the v1.2 XMOS firmware.

Does your Tone2 Pro serial number start with 0C or 11?

it starts with 13A - I’ve ordered it from

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Understood, this means that you are using the latest v1.2 firmware. I’ve also managed to reproduce the annoying ‘pop’ noise; the Tone2 Pro must be functioning in “Exclusive Mode”, which means the digital volume slider in Tidal is disabled, and a blue light is seen when a Master Track is played.

If this really bugs you, we can offer a refund. In the meantime, I’ll get @Eric68 to look into this issue.

Thank you for pointing it out to us.

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Thank you for your time! I’m happy with the device - so I don’t want the refund.
I just wanted to point the issue. I believe that it could be resolved with the future firmware.


Hi. I have the same issue with the pop after pausing Master quality MQA songs on Tidal.
I have the Exclusive mode turned on. Running Windows 10.
My serial number is the older with 11…
I haven’t updated to the 1.2v firmware yet (have updated to the one before it though).
Should the update fix this issue?
Will try it in a week probably.

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Unfortunately no, the pop noise is likely caused by how Tidal handles the driver, switching back and forth between modes. @Eric68 has made a note of this and will evaluate if its possible to fix via firmware.

It is not about tidal - i can replicate the issue with the uapp on android and mqa tracks

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it’s about switching MQA to PCM or even pausing, but it’s due to change of mode between both, and actually, all MQA compatible DACs seems to have this problem, at least using XMOS chip to decode/render MQA files

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Hi @tsoltan, have you so far encountered a DAC that does not exhibit this phenomenon?

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Never had a mqa dac.

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