Khadas Edge (RK3399PRO & RK3399 SBC) Indiegogo Campaign Is Live!


All Good and understand your agenda,
Now in Captain, and yes remote OK.

Still no BT and enabled, it worked partly yesterday and scanned but nothing since
More fiddling


Which Model on your hand? As different Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module between Basic & Pro/Max:

  • Basic: AP6356S, Bluetooth 4.1
  • Pro/Max: AP6398S, Bluetooth 5.0

Good day!


Basic I see so Basic it is AP6356S


Yes, @Kwiboo should be Pro model, maybe that’s the reason


New ver 20181224 Libreelec.

Menu items are now “Install to eMMC” and “Backup eMMC” “Restore eMMC” to full backup in a separate partition (Libreelec settings \ eMMC).