Khadas Edge (RK3399PRO & RK3399 SBC) Indiegogo Campaign Is Live!

Okay, will do and update here.

The Edge-V is a better choice for LE users.

Thanks for your efforts!

Hello Oleg,

I tried LibreELEC-RK3399.arm-9.0-devel-20181209133944-18c82d1-rock960.img on Captain, but failed to start and stuck at the Kodi startup interface, have you ever met this? Or should I change the dtb after buring to SD card?


Hi Nick
I do not always start. Sometimes you have to completely turn off and turn on the power again. Try the dtb files from the site.
It is advisable to check the run from SD card without Captain (via the IO module). Do you have the ability to check on EDGE-V ?

I don’t see HDR in the specs for the rk3399, is that supported on this SOC? Thanks

Yes, not supported by RK3399.

Yes, I tried on Edge V, but still stuck on Kodi startup interface, I’m not sure whether I did something wrong.

You’re doing it right as long as KODI isn’t stable. I don’t know why he’s acting like this yet. Possible cause incorrect settings in the dts (which are responsible for the HW acceleration). Because Armbian (no HW acceleration), the system is stable. But I noticed that when EDGE is directly connected to 4K TV, the LE kicks off better (less crashes). When connected to TV via HDMI-VGA adapter I have failures almost always, rarely when it is possible to start LE and it restarts after 10-20 seconds.

@numbqq @Kwiboo You can check the new version of LE (dir 20181214) ?
I noticed that the fall (reboot) often occur when trying to access network resources, it is desirable to run the video from USB media. I have when connected to TV directly, without an HDMI-VGA adapter the interface is stable and can stand for a long time. A restart occurs when you access a video library with a large number of files.

If the system will constantly restart, try another option dtb from the site from the same directory (copy to the media and write it in the file “extlinux.conf”). I have a system less restarts and allows you to watch a lot of movies before the failure.

This may be an accident, but I see that the aarch64 version is less prone to reboots.

Another note, I have after a few automatic reboots, the system stabilizes and no longer restarts and allows you to watch the video normally. By the way, I noticed that if the video was able to start, when playing reboots does not happen. Failures occur when changing the video output parameters (new video) or when some active operations in the interface.

Hello Oleg,

I tried LibreELEC-RK3399.arm-9.0-devel-20181209133944-18c82d1-rock960.img on Edge with Captan, but I still can’t boot to Kodi, stuck at startup interface, and the uart console can’t use…

And I found that fusb302 seems not working, the voltage of Type C adapter output is still 5V, this maybe to low…
You can setup the fusb302 to bump the voltage to 12V.



Hi Nick
You must use images from this link (it is better to use the aarch64 version)

Pay attention, at the beginning there can be several times faulty reboots, after several reboots the system has to stabilize itself. It is also desirable to disable the wired network, when I try to add a network source of video files on the NAS, the system becomes unstable and constantly restarts, without giving anything to do.

I don’t find this parameter in the source code, can you show it to me ?

Please refer to


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new ver (dir 20181215) add patch fusb302.c

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Checking the latest version until a not crash is detected. Video from the NAS is no longer a problem.
Looks like the problem was the lack of powero.


Request to all who have the options of EDGE, check out the launch of the new version to verify the fix.

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Checked latest version, it works.:wink:

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Updated images with LE. They now have working files to create a full backup\restore and install to the eMMC from the KODI GUI (Librelec\Service\Install to eMMC\backup\restore). I checked the create a full copy, restore, and install it in eMMC. Now I have the LE version installed in eMMC. Just checked how the update works LE through the file “tar”, the system is updated correctly. It remains to deal with WiFi\BT and remote control, and you can consider the version of LE for Khadas EDGE ready for use in test mode by ordinary users. :slight_smile:


Hi Robert.
You can check on your option EDGE, how does Libreelec ?

In Captain, Boot SD, kr400,
Resetting Hmm
Once i used the correct power supply not happy with only 5v :thinking: :smiley:

Boots well:
Ethernet OK
No remote, using logitech k400 OK
Added Weather set for AU OK
Added upnp server, PLEX

Playing Video Ok no Audio thru HDMI at this stage still looking.
Not a Huge Kodi user Looking ok

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The good news, @Kwiboo is the added EDGE in GIT Libreelec and he is now part of the build system Libreelec as an independent image. :slight_smile: