Khadas Edge Custom Android-Q Firmware

Khadas Edge Custom AndroidTV-Q Firmware v1.0 (Phone layout)

Add Google Apps
Rooted by Magisk
Fixed 10-bit video playback
Add Wallpapers
Add Immersive Mode, fullscreen app support - Enable in Accessibility Options
Add Rotation support
Wifi on by default
Latest Video codecs
Fix Youtube video freezing
Ad-block for better browsing
Add Kodi, Nova Video Player, SmartYoutubeTV MiXplorer, Media Center app
PS4 controllers work now and you can also enable Dark Mode in Settings - Display

Pass: khadas
Use AndroidTool v2.71 or higher to flash or FactoryTool v1.68
If using AndroidTool, first do EraseFlash then Upgrade and if using FactoryTool do Restore


Very nice to see this. Thank you mo123.

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New AndroidTV Q firmware released
Hope everyone enjoy it.
It took a lot of time and effort to make and get it bootable since AndroidTV 10 is not even supported on RK3399 by Rockchip.


hello. Thank you very much @mo123 for the wonderful firmware and for the work you put in. this is the best firmware i have had on this computer. it is the fastest, most stable. unfortunately i have a small problem with it. it does not keep my resolution settings between restarts. I set 1920x1080 and it sets me to 1280x720 after restart setting to auto doesn’t help . monitor lg dm2752, tested on many hdmi cables. i also changed the hdmi jack on the monitor. and used latest smart launcher . without this laucncher it is the same. what effect does connecting the second screen to the computer have? Does it work as a second independent monitor or a copy of the main one ? What adapter do I need to use ? sorry for automatic translate. My computer it’s Khadas Edge V max
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