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Hi Khadas Members,

We just had Richard Littauer from, do a drunk review of

This is part of our continued efforts to improve user experience, both online (website, shop, social), as well as offline (sbc performance, thermal cooling, accessories), etc.

He did 2 videos, one drunk, and another un-drunk. I’ve posted them here for your enjoyment!

If you have had similar good / bad experiences, do feel free to comment below. This will be an ongoing improvement effort. If you are interested to have Richard review your own website, you can visit his website to contact him.

Have fun!
You Jun from Khadas Team


I can relate all good fun :slight_smile:


Page can be slower to load on old hardware, not a problem since I got a new used laptop.:grin:
I appreciate Mr Littauer’s sacrifice of brain cells to conduct his version of, what we called in the military, “idiot-proof” testing. However, I am glad the reviewer does not review automobiles.:rofl:
I did note that Mr Littauer’s name is appropriate, as he was definitely lit.:laughing:

His is an interesting site with a unique approach to webpage testing.


@RDFTKV oh how does it load on your new used laptop? :smile:

However, I am glad the reviewer does not review automobiles.:rofl:

Why not just make a car with a breathalyzer for an ignition…if you’re too drunk, the car won’t start. :smile:

I’ve got some complaints from people who use FireFox, or “anonymised versions of FireFox” telling me that the page doesn’t load properly.

Have to make a testing list:

  • Chrome
  • FireFox
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer (hell no!)
  • Android Browser
  • iOS Browser
  • …variants of above browsers on SBCs…

Do any of you guys use Tor to browse the web? Haha.

Loads pretty fast on the new used, modestly powered(5th Gen i5 dual, 8GB) laptop. A couple(2-3) of seconds from the time I enter the URL and it is ready to go. :slight_smile: Firefox(67.0.4 (64-bit)), non-anonymised, used.

Yes, some people here have those installed on their cars, …When a judge orders it.:laughing:
Have never used TOR or distros like TAILS. Hopefully I don’t come to regret it. :rofl:

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