Suggestion: make the shop unified

For new customers it may be a bit misleading how you organized the shop pages, so I would suggest you to make the shop page display all your available products (Edge series, VIM3, VIM3L preordering + all the complements). Right now if you click on shop (default link) you only see Edge series, to purchase VIM3 you first have to go to the VIM3 page and click “Visit Shop”.

So instead of having /shop-vim3 and /shop (edge series) everything would be in the same page.

I think the current method is more organised than having everything in one page. The current way clearly makes the viewer aware of the boards and their compatible accessories.

The problem is that the default shop link at the main menu doesn’t show the newest products (VIM3 & VIM3L). It would be far more clear if the main shop link showed all the products, and then they could keep separate shop sections for the “Visit Shop” in each specific board page like they do now.

Hello, The VIM3 shows up next to the others. Like the Edge category, which has both Edge and Edge-V models, VIM3L shows up under the VIM3 category. But i see your point. A direct shop link to the VIM3L from its product page might be easier for some users.
The site works well for me. Clicking on a product brings up all relevant accessories for each device. It would be difficult to order the wrong accessory for the chosen device.

Khadas actually employed a site that evaluates webpages for user experience. I think they made improvements based on that evaluation.
I am not discounting your suggestions, we all see things a little differently and there is always room for improvement for most things.

@jgalt91 does this help?

We originally had everything on one page which was indeed really confusing.

Yes there’s still a lot of improvements to be made, especially the homepage and ODM sections (which are very wordy).


Actually that makes sense. And probably it was my mistake, because I’m using an add-blocker and some functionalities didn’t display so I didn’t see the Shop sections when you put your mouse over them.