Khadas audio dashboard

Just got the new tone 2 pro, installed the latest driver, updated the firmware, learned how to use the volume controller… using tidal, I tried to use a selection of MQA tracks with different frequencies, 44, 92, 192 etc, but looking in the khadas audio dashboard, it reports the current sample rate as 44100khz, whatever I play. When I play dsd tracks from my nas locally the dashboard shows the correct sample rate. I am wondering if that is correct?
The ring light does flash in different colours playing MQA tracks, but it is only for a second, so it is hard to understand what is happening.


Hey! my congratulations! and what confuses you, I do not quite understand?:slightly_smiling_face:

@ravitester please watch these videos for more info about the volume ring :wink:

I think I understand your concern, the Khadas team is on a well-deserved vacation right now, as soon as they come out I am sure they will give you a hint. It seems other users are facing the same problem as yours, here is the link to the problem.