Khadas audio dashboard says no device found

HI all,

I have a Tone board version 1 (non-vim) and while it does output audio just fine I need my Windows 10 PC to see the Tone Board as an ASIO device. I have installed the latest drivers but when I open the Audio Dashboard it just says ‘No devices connected’, and on the ‘about’ tab the driver info is blank. In Windows device manager I see the Toe board as an ‘XMOS DFU’ device with an exclamation mark saying ‘windows was unable to install your XMOS DFU’ ‘windows could not find drivers for your device’.

Can someone please help?
Many thanks

Hi Director,
I think, your Tone1 maybe the firmware not the v2.0 version.

Could try this:

Please let me know if that works, thanks.

Hi Kenny,

Thanks for the reply, I followed the instructions and that fixed the problem. The Tone 1 is now detected in the Khadas control panel and shows FW V2.00 (I assume that’s the latest FW?)


yeah, v2.0 is the latest FW, at present.

OK, thanks for your help. :slight_smile: