Khadas Audio App is on!

We owe you an apology for the delay in releasing the Khadas Audio App. Over the past year, our team encountered challenges with manpower while focusing on the development of the Khadas Mind. We deeply regret this delay and sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

We’re thrilled to announce that the long-awaited Khadas Audio app is now available for free on both Android and iOS platforms! Simply search “Khadas Audio” on Apple App Store or Google Playstore to download the app. This feature rich app empowers you to tailor your listening experience precisely to your preferences.

Explore a range of customization options including gain, equalizer, and filter settings. Moreover, you can now personalize the functions of Khadas Tea’s physical buttons, enabling you to effortlessly navigate your music world. Take control and immerse yourself in a customized audio experience like never before.


I’m using a Google Pixel 7 Pro phone. After I connected the Tea, I saw a notification asking me to upgrade the Bluetooth firmware (my ESS firmware is already on the latest version).

I clicked “Upgrade now”:

It seems the Bluetooth firmware that I have is quite old. Version 0.4 while current is 1.2. After I click “Upgrade now”, the process fails at exactly 8%:

I’ve retried at least a dozen times, but I can’t seem to get past this point. I’ve tried with and without the OTG cable connected. Battery level is at 90%.

I see that there’s a Bluetooth firmware file from April, 2022 here:

But, I don’t seem to have a tool that can load it. The FW Burner tool does not recognize this format.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to use the app until the firmware upgrade is successful. My only options are to click “Upgrade now” (which always fails) or “Cancle”, which returns me to the Khadas Device List.

Oh, I also tried my Google Pixel Tablet. For some reason, it fails to recognize that Location service is enabled. I’m looking forward to using this app to select the ESS filter in the DAC. I expect that the Bluetooth connection process will be easier after the firmware update also. Hoping you can provide a suggestion for using my laptop or some other tool to complete the upgrade. Thanks for all of your hard work!

Might ask them to post the apk on their server so you can load it directly.

Hi dsnyder0cnn,
First of all, thanks for your continued support. You are our loyal user, It seem that your Tea’s firmware is for early access in advance version. At that time, the Bluetooth firmware did not yet support OTA upgrades. It need to make a non-standard TypeC interface cable, and then install a software tool to upgrade the Bluetooth firmware. Do you know about some welding skills? If necessary, we will consider sending you a cable made by ourselves for you to upgrade.


I’d be very grateful if you can send me a suitable cable. I’ll send my address via private message. Thanks so much!

@kenny @Jim129 Congrats on rolling out the app! Any plan to support Tone2Pro with BT module? At least a rudimentary EQ and filter selection?

Hi Grulmlurg,
Yeah, we are planning to make the APP to support BT Magic, not support Tone2/Tone2 Pro USB EQ, but will plan to make the BT EQ support(just like Tea’s EQ)

So the EQ would work only for the BT input? It will not be possible to apply the EQ on the USB input for example?

Yeah, currently, XMOS chip resources have been exhausted and the EQ function cannot be added(for Tone2/Tone2 Pro USB input).