Is there an easy way to add a mute button?

Hi. I’m very new at this so please be patient. I have a RPI feeding my Tone Board when then feeds a Class D amp. I am using Volumio on my phone and can control volume this way so I have not added a volume pot to the amp board. The only thing that I would like to add is a mute button. When receviing a phone call this would be handy to just shut off the music without trying to do in on the phone prior to taking the call.

Is there an easy way to do this via the Tone Board? Or would be easier trying to do it directly on the signal from the DAC to the amp. I was thinking of a signal relay or something that switched to nothing but I’m sure there is a better way.

Hi, there is no volume control in this version, but will probably appear in another version of the board

Hello, Not quite sure where this project is, and it is likely not entirely easy, but have a look to see if they worked it out.
Hardware Volume Control/Mute.

You could use a relay or switch, but noise may come from its operation.

Before receiving the phone call, where does the music feed come from!
If from same phone, it’ll automatically mute.

The music is streamed from another computer on my network via wifi. The volumio interface is just a webpage open on the phone.

Maybe then it will be convenient to use directly from the same network by phone?

Thanks, I didn’t realise there was an app but it is easy to just have a shortcut saved. Having the app wont solve my problem will it?

You need to personally familiarize yourself, it is very convenient to use
there is control of adjustment and complete mute

I already have volume control via the browser and it is easy to use, also easy to pause, just not very convenient to fumble trying to do it when a call is coming through.

I think it should suit you

Are you using USB or SPDIF to send audio to the Tone Board?

Powering the Tone Board separately via header and using USB for data only.

I asked because I had checked to see what happens when SPDIF coax signal is removed from the TB during play. The transition is very quiet and returns to play as soon as it is reconnected.
That would be an easy way to make a mute button or even a remote mute button.

It will be more difficult using USB for data. I have seen USB volume controllers, not sure they would work for you…

I could just add a volume pot between the DAC and the amp but was hoping to avoid it. Gets annoying with 2 controls getting out of sync but not the end of the world. If no better solution I might just do that.

I don’t have experience with Pi SBCs. Saw this on using the GPIO, maybe something there can be used.
Good luck.

Pin 39 on the 40 pin header is labelled “Mute”. Anyone know how to use it?