Is my VIM Pro completely dead?

My VIM Pro stopped working. After month of using it for media player, today i found it off with blue light on. I did not flash it for a while so it not happen because of wrong image or other related to burn stuff. I have trait to power on with the remote with no success. After pressing power on button the red light is on for 3 sec and after that go blue again. When i connect usb-c power its again going red for 3 sec and again goes blue. Trying all known combinations of buttons to get it in development mode not helped. HDMI output also shows nothing (no signal). USB burning tool can’t recognise it as well. Any suggestions?

You can try the MRegister Approach to burn a new ROM.

Good luck!

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Unfortunately it also not helped.

Any update?

Good luck!

I don’t have time to test balbes150 solution. I’ll do the test later this week.

update: Tried today. Nothing. It is dead!

Do you know how to catch the printing log? or can you take a simple video when you power on your VIM device to us?

We still need further information to know what’s wrong with your VIM.


I’ll do video. Catching the printing log is out of my abilities and knowledge :slight_smile:

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