Is it possible to burn the libreelect to eemc?

is it possible to burn the kernel and system though u-boot to emmc ?

On what version of LE are you asking ?

i would like to know this to. but for archlinuxarm (let say to image which @balbes150 creates)

Ive tried, to keep it more simple, to export the boot and rootfs from the pre-build Vim_LibreELEC_V170116 to write it to emmc with u-boot but i’m note sure about the design of the partitions

@vrabac have you seen this:

i havent thried this yet, because of missing time. i’ll will try this armbian on this weekend, i think

You want to install ArchLinux in eMMC ? What is the image You want to install ? How it is used kernel ?

does it matter? I have here laying your ArchLinuxArm image, the one from ‘Sfs’ and my own, which I created directly on microSD and it boots, is running mainline kernel 4.12-rc2 (without patches).

Yes it is important what image and what kernel. Depend on the steps that must be performed to copy (install) of the OS in eMMC. If the kernel was not changed (relative to the original image on my site), then it is enough to make a small change in the installation script (/root/ and can installing system to the eMMC. But if the kernel is changed, you need to prepare file with kernel+initrd+dtb (kernel image), which will be able to use a regular u-boot and it will be written to eMMC in boot partition (instead of the regular kernel).

Ok I hope writing an image to eMMC will be simplify in near future.
Lets say I have on mSD card your image S905X_S912_ArchLinux_20170519_4_9_26.img.xz and I would like to use whole potential of eMMC and not the slownes of an mSD card.

Fix in script /root/ the list of directories that need to copy to eMMC with external media in accordance with that which directories are used in your image ArchLinux.

Hello baldes,
Can you give me support?
I have one khadas vim with o.s. android.
I wanted to erase Android off MMC and flash the khadas with libreelec to run Kodi.
Who can i do this?

Which version of the image LE are you using ?

I try the S905


Both libreelec

with PC software “USB tool” to flash but appear one error when Open the imagem " parse burning imagem fail"

Ok, write with libreelec usb software or USB tool?

My understanding is that the PC USB Burning Tool doesn’t work for the Libreelec images.

What worked for me was creating a bootable SD card using these instructions: (for Linux command line). There is also a Windows tool and instructions here

Then reinsert the SD card and follow the instructions in balbes150’s thread – deleting “dtb.img” and renaming “remote.conf.vim” etc.
Note that if the image file has the suffix KVIM, don’t delete “dtb.img”.

You can boot LE from the SD card and if you want to install to eMMC there is an option in the shutdown menu of LE that says something like shutdown and install to emmc.

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O don’t have u-boot to run SD card.

Edit: you don’t need to put Uboot on the SD card as @balbes150 says below. Just burn the LE image on the SD card then copy the boot.ini from balbes’ link. Disregard the following–

You can put Uboot on the SD card. The LE images possible have Uboot already in them (I’m not sure). If not, you can put it on any SD card using these instructions There is also a Windows method linked from that page.
Then you can write the Libreelec image onto the SD card after that.

How to make the Vim boot from the SD card I am still a bit confused about, but it has worked for me. I have had to use the MRegister method described here where you short 2 pads on the board marked M. But then other times it just worked with the SD inserted.
You can try flashing the dual boot Android/Ubuntu images from the firmware page onto eMMC using the Burning Tool. I’m not sure but I think the Uboot on these enables booting from SD card. I think holding down Function button while its booting works for some of the ROMs for booting from the SD card.

And then, as I said above, once you have booted from the SD card, you can choose “Install to emmc” from the shutdown menu of Libreelec itself and that should install bootloader and rom to eMMC. There was some talk in one of the Libreelec threads about having to copy a DTB file to the eMMC after installing, you might need to look into that.

To run the LE nor any manipulations with u-boot and creating a bootable SD card is not necessary. Just burn the image LE (use the image prefix in the image name KVIM) on the SD card. Download and copy to SD card additional script “boot.ini”. Turn off VIM, insert the SD card and turn on the power supply VIM.