IR receiver, lirc, and GPIOs with LibreELEC


a good reason for me to buy the Khadas Vim (besides the ability to decode H265, which it does very well under LibreELEC) was the built-in IR receiver and the GPIOs.

Now I must experience that this is not so simple. The usual RPi methods (“dtoverlay=…” in /flash/config.txt, there is not even an overlay folder) do not seem to apply, and I could not find any hint, neither in this forum nor in the documentation, how to activate the IR receiver under LibreELEC.

The same is for the GPIOs. Khadas presents a pinout, well, but no instructions whatsoever how to communicate with the pins. I simply need to flash an external LED, but this seems to be impossible. Khadas advertises the Vim by directly comparing it with the RPi, having not only GPIOs but also a built-in IR receiver, but what is my profit from it if there is no way to use it?

Or is there any? …

Hi, nukevim:
The IR receiver is default activate on the ROMs both our official and Balbes150’s release, the ROM support the official IR remote controller, check the Accessories for Khadas VIM for information.

Do you mean that you want to add a support with 3rd-party IR remote?

Hi Gouwa, thanks for the fast reply, I meanwhile figured out the same. Yes, I have a custom IR control. It was my mistake (even though it could be better documented) not to store the configuration file translating the IR signal pulses to button presses at the right place. It has to be in /storage/.config/lircd.conf. Now the IR control works.

Regarding the GPIOs, I have no solution yet. I simply would like to flash an LED via terminal commands. With the RPi this can be done with commands like
echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio10/value
For the Vim, I do not see any way how to do it…

Do you mean that you wanna light up an external LED via the GPIO, right?

It will be similar way for Rpi, but for VIM, the current driver need do some configuration first.

Yes, an external LED. So what is the configuration I have to do?

BTW: It would also be interesting to know how to light up the internal LEDs. Are there any instructions?

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We will release the instruction about how to use GPIOs at the end of this month.:smile:


There are many reasons to like the Vim. Learning to use the GPIO is in the top 3 for me.

Looking forward to the instructions.:+1:

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Can you tell us the other 2 :slight_smile:

Of course. TV Box and SD boot/run Linux box.
But generally speaking and put simply, I have had more fun on the Vim than I have had on others in the last few months.
Due much to the Vim’s vesatility and the support of Team Khadas and the community.

Now we have April 18, one month later. The end of the month was almost 3 weeks ago. Where are the instructions?

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Humm, still waiting for a documentation about the GPIOs :frowning:


They released GPIO control for ubuntu only:

Any word on the gpio’s for libreelec i would love to do a fan speed control script

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