Instructions: Remote installation on SSH Linux images of Armbian from balbes150

  1. Preparing the console to multiboot Instructions: Activating Multi-Boot

  2. Download the archive with the finished system, unpack the archive and write the image on a memory card or flash card.
    For Windows: using the rufus program
    For Linux: We connect the medium and look where it was mounted
    sudo fdisk -l

    /dev/sdb1 this is the same flash drive we’ll work with
    sudo dd bs=4M if=/home/your_login/Download/Armbian_5.37_S9xxx_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29.img of=/dev/sdb1

  3. It is IMPORTANT to choose a suitable dtb file for you
    On the recorded flash card you will have folders with them dtb and dtb-3.14.29

    Copy from them to the root of the map and rename it to dtb.img

  4. We connect (on the switched off device) a card with the recorded image and turn on the power.

  5. When the download reaches the time of entering the login and password, we connect to it via the SSH protocol (the device must be connected to the router via ethernet cable)

  6. Enter your login and password (root and 1234)

  7. Next, you need to replace the root password with your own (we first enter the old one and then the new one)

  8. The next step is to create a new account and password for it

  9. And the final step is to add. information (you can fill in nothing) and confirm the correctness of the data

The device will reboot automatically


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