Installing Alt-Linux on VIM3

Installing Alt-Linux on VIM3 is a requirement of my employer, for this purpose VIM3 was purchased.
There is a system image, tell me how best to install it on VIM3.

The question is most likely addressed to @numbqq, @Frank.
I really need your help.

I managed to run this Alt-Linux rescue image on VIM3.
It can be used to fix the system, but I need a full-fledged Alt-Linux system with a graphical interface.

I’m really sorry, I wrote a link to the wrong OS image (different processor architecture)
Correct link
The first message was corrected

easy way

  1. write mainline uboot to SPI or EMMC boot areas - via krescue ( - Index of /Firmware/Krescue/system/) or by any other way ( - Index of /Firmware/uboot/mainline/ )
  2. download any iso image for example this one
  3. write iso image via dd to sd or usb drive
  4. plug this installation disk into device and start device

EFI start -> linux -> install

Bad news:
linux kernel started but altlinux installation system cant find installation media device :wink: plz ask altlinux team about this problem

BTW: for example we can start latest ubuntu iso images like any other

BTW: actual problem is distros kernel which still don’t have good quality for many arm devices its same for most of main distros

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small HOW-TO for AltLinux manual installation

An intermediate result has been achieved, the bootloader and kernel from Khadas Ubuntu rootfs from the stable version alt-p9-mate-20210612-aarch64.tar.xz

There is one more problem with working with a 2K monitor, I will start a separate topic to discuss this problem.