I'm disappointed

So I have to say, I am extremely disappointed!

1.) there is no pure German. This is a mix between English and German (although German is set)
2.) My Huawei ME906s LTE card is not even recognized under VIM3_Pie_V200319 and VIM3_Pie_V200624. This card was recognized under VIM3_Pie_V191122, but I could not use it. Everything was grayed out
3.) under VIM3_Pie_V191122 it was not possible to use the mouse reasonably
4.) You have to have very narrow HDMI cables. Otherwise the HDMI cable wedges with the USB-C cable
5.) I couldn’t set a correct German keyboard layout in any firmware. I sometimes had to copy the “@” sign from the Internet.

Conclusion: I bought it because it is advertised with Android Pie, LTE is possible and there is enough power. Unfortunately, this € 200 package is nothing more than a completely overpriced toy which is still thoroughly in the worst beta stage and is not really usable with Android. I am extremely disappointed! If I don’t find a solution here in the next few days, all the stuff goes back.


Sorry for that. khadas official only support the Quectel EM06 4G LTE module. You can add ME906s support if you an developer. In addition, and I will give you some helps about it.


I am also experiencing trouble even with EM06-E bought from you. There seems to be some spelling mistakes in the source code, ie. “Ndroid” instead of “android” :

adb connect

adb logcat > d:\log.txt


Also a lot of errors, crash dumps, being logged, especially when inserting nano sim card. Its initializing , but then crash and stacktrace seconds after. I got data connection over 4G for some seconds before it went to 3G and no data being transfered anymore. Also choosing a lot of options in settings menu causes crashes.

Can you take a video for me about the crash? Thanks!

My colleague will share the recording with you, thanks!

did a full EMMC erase and flashed the newest version of VIM3 pie (V200624), now 4G works!


@Makro that is great to hear :slight_smile:
so then I guess your motto has changed from " I’m disappointed " to " I’m Happy "

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Yes, the new version has had many changes to solve problems, in particular with the periphery

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Yes, definitely :smile::+1: hehe, still a lot of querkiness but at least it works for our use now


I’m sure the imperfections will iron itself over time

Yes, every time it will be better!