I2s output on 30 pin FPC connector?

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After some search, and as I can read in the answer of Gouwa :

The 30 pin FPC connector, if I well understood, can be used as an i2s input solution, so the board can be used as a standalone DAC solution.

But for a project I will need to be able to use USB as input and have simultaneous output on RCA and I2S, do you know if it’s possible to use the 30pin FPC connector as digital output too ?

Another question, I’ve only able to found the compiled firmware for the Toneboard, you don’t provide the source code ?


Hi…is this board included with the DAC main board or is sold separately ?
Are you going to provide also the u-fl cables ?
Since it will be mounted in the free space between the dac and the output stage board are there some requirements in terms of height for standoff and J18 connector ?

pcb assembly

in my case the 30pin fpc could output only. I wonder anyone has make i2s input succeed?

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