How to enable GPS location on Android?

I have a U-blox usb-gps receiver, but I can not use it, because navigation apps do not get access to the location by gps.
In settings of last android rom there is no way to select a location by gps. Tell me how i can add location via gps in settings?

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Maybe @Terry and @goenjoy can help you.

maybe they did not see topic?)

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I will tell then @Terry @goenjoy

Our VIM3 don’t support USB GPS module now. But we will add support in the future. Can you tell me what’s the model of your USB GPS? I will buy one module to debug.

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Hi @Terry!
I am using the U-blox USB module (GNSS803G).
A driver for it is already in the kernel and works great. But i’m not sure about the gps library. I compiled gps library from the source for the odroid n2 (aml922), but I can’t check it without enabling GPS location in settings.
If i using the apps for mock location (UsbGps4droid, GNSS Commander), then navigation applications works fine. But this is a “kludge”. I would like navigation programs to work as they should)

Sorry for photo instead screenshots)

Please provide the gps library for me. Thanks

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Library here -

Sources are here -

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Hi @Terry just wanted to see if there has been any progress on getting this implemented. I’d like to use GPS in my car application as well.

@Banana @lochysqueegee
Sorry for the delay. And I have bought the USB GPS module. I will start to debug it.

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Thank you very much, I will wait!
By the way, I added support for GPS and built the firmware from last sources.
I could not compile the gps library from the sources, so I had to use the old prebuilt lib ( without
timefix). Everything works with small bugs. It would be nice if you build a normal library.
I’ll write PM you.

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My computer does not support CD drive. Do you have the contents of this CD?

And my)
on this cd is nothing useful. Only the U-center program for windows, that you can download in web.

Looks like it is available from the web address on the CD.:slightly_smiling_face:

How goes this? I will need GPS for my Android project as well.
What about adding a serial GPS via GPIO ?

I have a USB GPS to use, as well tho…

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Hi! I need GPS for my project too.
Advise solutions to the problem…
Can I use some gps module via gpio or anything else?

Всем привет! Мне тоже нужен GPS модуль для моего проекта.
Посоветуйте решения данной проблемы.
Могу ли я использовать какой-нибудь gps модуль через GPIO или еще что-нибудь?
Какой GPS девайс купить?

@JustSumDad same problem



Hopefully we get this figured out :slight_smile:

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I am working on a car install project too with a VIM3 Pro and need GPS as well. Looks like there are more and more people interested in getting USB GPS working. You love to see it!

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Mine is a motorcycle adaptation of a carpc on Vim3 Pro :slight_smile:

if I ever get one… I ordered it feb 5th and its still back ordered :frowning:

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Hello everybody. On my firmware I use a gps receiver U-803G from TOPGNSS. And I’m not sure that any other receiver will work. I dont have other receivers to test their work.
There is also a small nuance - the firmware is functional only if the receiver is connected directly to the USB port of the vim. When i turn on the receiver in a USB hub or turn on the system without a receiver it just freezes. I do not know what this bug is associated with (most likely due to the library used). And i do not have enough experience to fix this and any other problems, so I use it as it is.
In principle, almost everything that I need in the firmware works after preliminary settings. Except for an unpleasant moment with a turn to the portrait mode of some applications.
Vim3 has been installed in my car for more than two months, and during this time I did not any inconvenience. There was not even a thing to do was pull him out of the car and fix something.
If anyone needs, write me a PM, I will upload the rom anywhere and give a link to download it.
P.S. Terry with the same receiver did not work GPS on my firmware, I do not know what is the reason. It is possible that in his free time he will solve all problems with GPS.