How not to boot from SD automatically

Hi all, I have recently discovered the wonders of KRescue and after setting it up on a SD card and putting it in my VIM3, I expected to need to enter MaskROM mode to boot from the SD card. But instead it just always boots from the SD card when there it is inserted and not from the eMMC.

Do you guys know how to boot from the eMMC by default even when a SD card is present?


Yes its possible ! u can change uboot env !

but i have another questions why not just eject sd ?

Krescue SD have height priority and start as possible! :wink: (and after Krescue usage complted u need eject SD card for normal bootup OS )

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hi sir, me again haha

i just want know how to change uboot env. i dont want to boot to sd as default.

i want to boot to krescue when i press function button three times in marksmon mode.

Thank you!!

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hmm sorry, but in Krescue if i press cancel, why wouldnt it boot to EMMC and the neter to ubuntu in my case? because i realy hate that i have to remove my SD everytime i boot my khadas. is there a way to implement that.

you are doing something wrong, first you must install the firmware you selected, after it is complete you must exit krescue, then remove sd, turn on Khadas, enjoy!

yes, its working for me, but i have to remove SD .

can i keep my SD in the device all the time and boot to ubuntu at the same time. i dont want to remove my SD. its so tiny i might lose it.

Do you want to constantly upgrade to different builds?
before that sd you stored somewhere :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, Is it because removing and inserting the card can be difficult because of HDMI cable?
If you seek a more convenient solution, see here. I incorporated a couple on the VIM.

exactly , HDMI cable can be burden for SD removal and insertion.

maybe a way not to make Krescue boot unless certain button pressed,

I don’t understand what kind of problem you have. I just inserted sd(krescue), flashed Khadas , turned off Khadas, extracted sd(krescue)! :slightly_smiling_face:
Well, so as not to lose …

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Thank you, your too kind.

its just that, my HDMI cable is blocking the SD slot and its hard to remove or insert. but can be managed.

Thank you anyways for your help! nice shot btw :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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get a knife and remove some part of plastic (which block sd card) from HDMI cable…
our scb very compact !!! and i make same for some usb cable and hdmi - sometimes :wink:

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well, disconnect all ports on a cold