How many OS do you have for your VIM3?

hi everyone,

this is my first post, and I am new to SBC.
I just got my VIM3 by this Tuesday, and have had already broken the android system on eMMC. So now, I am learning how to burn a system directly to eMMC, maybe with the U-Boot image which does not provide for VIM3. (Seriously, the folder for VIM3 U-Boot is still empty while I am writing.)

I am planning to use the machine for 3 major purpose:

  1. Play online stream videos,
  2. Play Hi-Res videos on my local NAS,
  3. Play some video games from phone, pad or legacy consoles.

Per my understanding up to now, 2 or 3 systems are required to achieve them.
For online videos, I should have original android or android TV.
For local videos, KODI is the first choice and there are 2 options, CoreELEC or LibreELEC.
For game console, original Android and some special linux distribution maybe.

Then, which one or two systems should I burn to eMMC?
Could I have 3 or more bootable systems on eMMC?
By put the systems on SD(TF actually) Cards or UBS disks, would that cause any problems or performance issues?

Back to the reality, I should find a PC to burn a U-Boot to eMMC first, or Zero system can run on it.

Hello and Welcome to the community.
I suggest you burn Android eMMC image using the following links.
Latest OS Images:

Updating Link:

After that you can Flash LibreElec on SD Card and CoreElec and test both one by one and see which one is stable for your use cases. And once you’re confirmed about the ROM you want to put in the eMMC, you can flash that rom on eMMC using the Install script but check which ones are compatible to install script.

I think LibreElec/CoreElec can do all the above work in single OS except for android games. You can use Retro Arch for games but not the android games.

Currently it is not available out of the box, But I have seen somewhere, grub for arm is available where you can define which OS is on which partition and have option to select which OS to boot on start-up.

If you have a faster SD Card then it should not be a problem with performance.

I hope this helps.


Thanks Splkerguy for your reply.
I have managed to burn the ROM Android TV which created by superceleron to the eMMC, and it works fine. But sadly, CoreELEC cannot work with it, I think I will wait for the new versions of U-Boot or CoreELEC, and give a try by then.

BTW, I saw a video on YouTube, which has tested the performance for different storages.
SD(TF) card has the worst performance, around 15m-25m read/write speed, then the eMMC(16G version), about 150m R/W speed. The best one is using SSD hard disk with USB3 port, have more than 300m speed.