How mang uarts and GPIO can be used on edge2

Hi, I want to know some infomation about edge2:

  1. We found that there is a uart interface on the pogo port, and there is also a uart interface on the IO1 port. The two uarts are the same on the system. Or both are independent uarts?
    2、We want a GPIO to connect the input signal. Is there a GPIO pin on the IO port?



@lioqio There are 2 parts of GPIO available, one is the pogo pads and the other is the IO FPC Connector on the back.

Dear @Frank
Thank you for your reply. We have got an edge2 development board running Ubuntu 22.04. What configuration commands need to be executed to read the pin levels of the two GPIO pins?

In addition, can you confirm how many UARTs can be operated? thank you verymuch。


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What are the connectors that are used?

Is there a pin-out diagram?

Is there a breakout board?

Thank you!