How to use GPIO from Edge2(pogo pin)

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?


Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

official images

Please describe your issue below:

I want use GPIO for external module (ex: led, servo motor, …)

but now edge2 doesn’t support edge-io :<

Q&A GPIO_available_options_pogo_pin

I think above link is my last options to Using GPIO

did you have any official documentation or recommend contents about communicate GPIO with 7-pogo pins ??

For this usage, Edge2 IO board is more suitable, we will release Edge2 IO board soon.


I can’t wait until release… :sob:

I want to know how to communicate using pogo

You can get the schematic for Edge2 here:

Pogo pin part:

One thing you need to know is that, the pogo pin contain very limit functions: ADC, UART (Debug), USB

If you want to use it, you can design your hardware.

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I only use GND, 5V, PWM thease 3 option… so i solidering tp3, tp4, tp7

and I wonder how to sending signal to tp3 at android os

There is no pwm on pogo pin.

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if i use GND, 5V, (RX or TX)?

Yes, uart debug console is on it.

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THANK YOU for your kindness

additionally What should I do to send a signal to TX or RX?

Hello @re_roy

Maybe this can help you with the program with serial console.

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Thank you for your kindness​:+1::+1:

Hello~ May i ask you a question??

how to get gpio index or tty name from pogo pins(TP1~7)