Hostapd ACS (Auto Channel Selection)


I am using a khadas vim1.4 with kernel 5.18.0. I would like to use the ACS function but this doesn’t start, in the logging I can only see hostapd “succeeded” but there is no hotspot.

Is there support for ACS on the VIM1?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Dieter

Can you also check with linux 4.9 image ?

Hello @numbqq

Thank you for your reply. I haven’t checked this with the linux 4.9 images. Why would this work on the 4.9image but not the 20.04 version?

Before I do this I would like to point to another question of mine:

Also due to the reason above I am not working with the networkmanager. What could the reason be that my android device couldn’t connect to the hotspot?

Kind regards