Help! Unable to activate second UART

Second UART is not working on VIM3. Debug UART works but we prefer to leave is for debugging.

On VIM 3 I try to add device
sudo fdtput -t s /dtb.img /serial@c81004e0 status okay
But get FDT_ERR_NOTFOUND error

Any ideas?
How to turn it on?

You are using PIN15/16 for the UART, right?

Which version OS you installed?

Yes, PIN15,16 and GND.

I use OS Linux Khadas 4.9.206 #13 SMP PREEMPT Tue Dec 31 CST 2019 aarch64 GNU/Linux

@numbqq will response you when he available.

u need Check & edit DTB

# decompile dtb -> dts
dtc kvim3_linux.dtb > kvim3_linux.dts

# CHECK &&  OPEN in editor
grep -e serial@ kvim3_linux.dts -A10 | grep -e serial -e disabled
			serial@3000 {
			serial@4000 {
				status = "disabled";
	serial@ffd24000 {
	serial@ffd23000 {
		status = "disabled";
	serial@ffd22000 {
		status = "disabled";
		serial0 = "/soc/aobus@ff800000/serial@3000";
		serial1 = "/serial@ffd24000";
		serial2 = "/serial@ffd23000";
		serial3 = "/serial@ffd22000";
		serial4 = "/soc/aobus@ff800000/serial@4000";
		uart_AO = "/soc/aobus@ff800000/serial@3000";
		uart_AO_B = "/soc/aobus@ff800000/serial@4000";
		uart_A = "/serial@ffd24000";
		uart_B = "/serial@ffd23000";
		uart_C = "/serial@ffd22000";


status = "disabled";
status = "okay";

recompile dtb back

cp kvim3_linux.dtb kvim3_linux.dtb.old
dtc kvim3_linux.dts > kvim3_linux.dtb

Hyphop, great thanks that you don’t leave your customers )))
I did your advices and then

sudo fdtput -t s /dtb.img /serial@ffd22000 status okay
sudo fdtput -t s /dtb.img /serial@ffd23000 status okay
sudo fdtput -t s /dtb.img /serial@ffd24000 status okay

And it works! Thank you very much!
One funny thing - PIN 15 &16 correspond to ttyS3. Port ttyS1 create connection but not answering - unclear where are pins for it. And ttyS4 is not available in system.