HELP! Green Screen! Bricked?

I just attempted to do an upgrade via USB and now my VIM is booting to a blank green screen, and will no longer go into upgrade mode. Did I fully brick it, or is there a way out of this mess? Someone please help!

Hi, gnomefire:
Can you provide us more information about the problem you met now? So we can locate your problem more easy.

Basically, would be better to feedback issues like this:

  • Tell us the ROM version you installed
  • Tell us the hardware date code, i.e. Vim V1.2 1610 4916
  • Describe all the procedures(step-by-step) you did with details
  • Provde neccesarry photos to help us better understand the issue you are facing
  • If you are a developer, post the full printing log
  • Others information you thought would be helpful for us
  • If you are facing many different problems, please create different topics one by one, we will also reply one by one.
  • If your problem has been fixed, please follow the Problem Solved Button to mark it as solved


hello. i’m frenche.
i received one khadas vim pro with android marshmallow.
i flash with a nougat rom with usb and usb burning tool. also i have the khadas screen and a green screen.
after my khadas vim is not reconnize by windows. can you help me please?

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Which Nougat ROM version did you install?

You might need try the MRegister Mode.

If your issue still not got resolved, an you kindly take some photos or a simple video to us?

If you are a developer, can you help to post the printing log to us, so we can easy narrow and figure out your issue quickly.
Steps to catch the log:

thanks for your answer.

i have news:
the green screen is not a bricked khadas is just when i try to install vim nougat root 170612.

it is an doc error. count 5 6 sec.

long press Power key without release
Short press Reset key and release
Count 5-6 seconds and release the Power key to enter into upgrade mode.

i try with marshallow root 170303… black screen.

i try with usb burning tool normale and administrator mode, normale erase, all errase…

i try erase all emmc with function button and power buton then reset button.

nothing… but one probleme solved i can flahs my khadas vim.


i install android nougat 7.1.1 in my khadas vim with burning card.

the problem it’s me burn card maker often don’t response. ans i wait 100% but not “the card is done”.
i launch a card burning and i go to sleep. when i wake up the card was perfecly burn.
i try it in my khadas, power button, reset, count five seconde and release power button. upgrade mode, reboot, android 7.1.1. happy end!

so i believe my experience help anybody.

au revoir and thank you!


Congratulations! Glad you got through it. It sure is a good feeling when a device comes back to life. :slight_smile:

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