Green screen after installing DualOS

I installed the multi-boot rom and after that my screen went green. I have tried to install my old rom but the problem still is there. i tried to erase the eMMC Storage but its the same.

What can i do?


I installed this last night. I did not get much time on it, but never saw a green screen.
Which side was the green on, Linux or Android?

Did you try selecting, “Force Erase All” option when you flashed the firmware?

Tried a different HDMI cable?

Could have put the Monitor/TV into a strange resolution.
Suggest if you can test on another monitor/TV.

Vim does get warm in Ubuntu mode and can crash on load and trying to reload does all weird stuff. (fails)
Mine is sitting atop a laptop cooling fan at present, No problems many many hours use.

Hi, Dennis:
Sorry for the late response.

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Does your problem resolved?Does your problem resolved?
If you insert the sdcard with LibreELEC boot rom when you boot your device ?
We will release the new Rom to solve the mutil-boot question.