FreeBSD for VIMs

Hi Khadas community!

I propose to discuss in this forum thread
the ability to create a bootable FreeBSD image
for SBC based on Amlogic S905/S912/A311D.

Any information on this subject is welcome.

There is an Amlogic branch in the FreeBSD source tree,
but no one has tested this for 4 years,
some people think this code no longer works.

The last mention I know here
Mail list


I guess that the after the last attempt to port FreeBSD to the Amlogic environment, all the required drivers etc. has been lost, we need to a lot of digging to get all those back, with a bit of time I believe we can can get it to work on the VIM1 & 2, however VIM3 is a longshot as those requirements don’t exist, no way will it be easy, but let us try our best to get it for the other 2 boards, :slight_smile:

I already tried building the kernel for the S905 8 months ago.
And I’m skilled, but I don’t have hardware.
Need a volunteer who has VIM1 and a console cable :smile:

Maybe hyphop could help you.

@Vladimir.v.v do you have a VIM1 ? :wink:, are you interested in testing?
you could help @SleepWalker with testing


I have no experience with this

as far as I understand SleepWalker is ready to work with any processor on Amlogic, I think you’ll better deal with this

Ok, thank you @Vladimir.v.v :slightly_smiling_face:

I am up for it, We can do freenas or opnsense for vim1 as it is powerful enough for it.

I will join freebsd_arm mailing list soon. Subscribed.

Getting vim1 to boot will be hard either we prebuilt patched Mainline uboot from hyphop repo or using the boot scripts, I think bootscripts might be easier just to test freebsd kernel once kernel works then we can move to mainline uboot.


Great, we have a person for testing the other boards, Thanks for joining in @Spikerguy :slight_smile:

It remains to find a guy who understands in u-boot.
I have already compiled u-boot-2020.07-rc4 for VIM1.
But I do not understand how to write it to an SD card.
Anyone interested in the procedure for creating a bootable FreeBSD image.
It is described on my website
True for another SBC and in Russian.
But the principle is the same.

There is guide available here

 # write to sd / emmc - example
    dd if=VIM? of=/dev/mmcblk? conv=fsync bs=442 count=1
    dd if=VIM? of=/dev/mmcblk? conv=fsync bs=512 skip=1 seek=1

Thanks for this I was looking for it. I will try to translate it using google translate.

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Is it your webpage ? If yes then please use a different DDNS domain name, as hopto is block in my country for unknown reasons.
Have to use vpn to check it but I don’t want to use VPN for this as I will need it open all the time.



This was written by the FreeBSD commiter Emmanuel Vadot

Porting FreeBSD to a new ARM Board Рart1 , Part2 , Part3.

@SleepWalker what is the possibility of adding support for the mipi devices?
ie mipi camera, TS050 display etc.

It is difficult. There is no such support.