Fenix script error

I’m trying to build my first ubuntu image with fenix… I’m getting this error:

Info: Installing linux-gpu-mali-x11_0.7-r14p0_arm64.deb in chroot…
Selecting previously unselected package linux-gpu-mali-x11:arm64.
dpkg: regarding …/linux-gpu-mali-x11_0.7-r14p0_arm64.deb containing linux-gpu-mali-x11:arm64:
ocl-icd-libopencl1:arm64 conflicts with libopencl1
linux-gpu-mali-x11:arm64 provides libopencl1 and is to be installed.

dpkg: error processing archive /root/linux-gpu-mali-x11_0.7-r14p0_arm64.deb (–install):
conflicting packages - not installing linux-gpu-mali-x11:arm64
Errors were encountered while processing:
Makefile:7: recipe for target ‘all’ failed
make: *** [all] Error 1

Any ideas? I’m new to fenix…

@quatro Which board’s firmware you build with fenix ?

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Hello @quatro

This issue has been fixed, please update your repo and try again.

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Worked out perfectly !

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I have flashed the image twice but is giving no video output and also the LEDs just stay solid red… like is not running at all. What can it be?

@quatro I think you shouild check something:

  1. HDMI requires external power supply
  2. Which version of burning tool do you use? Has the burning succeeded?
  1. Done that… no changes.
  2. Latest one, HEAD (May 15) of “utils” repo. Yes succeeded, the burning tool is OK, I have burnt the official ubuntu LXDE image with this (which I don’t like, because I want the real ubuntu running).

@quatro Have you modified the source code?

no, this is my first attempt so I just followed the readme

@quatro Can you provide your boot log information?

how can I get the boot log ? device is not even starting, just turns the red LED on and thats all


You can get the boot log by serial tool.

Don’t have a serial with me right now… is it possible to use usb?

Can you show me the log information when your Fenix compilation is completed?

The last lines of the output were these:

Info: Image install type: EMMC
Info: Packing image compatible with AndroidTool one image burning...
Info: Adjust u-boot links for uboot-mainline
Android Firmware Package Tool v1.65
------ PACKAGE ------
Add file: ./package-file
Add file: ./Image/MiniLoaderAll.bin
Add file: ./Image/parameter.txt
Add file: ./Image/trust.img
Add file: ./Image/uboot.img
Add file: ./Image/resource.img
Add file: ./Image/rootfs.img
Add CRC...
Make firmware OK!
------ OK ------
********RKImageMaker ver 1.66********
Generating new image, please wait...
Writing head info...
Writing boot file...
Writing firmware...
Generating MD5 data...
MD5 data generated successfully!
New image generated successfully!
Info: Making /home/dev/workspace/fenix/build/images/Edge_Ubuntu-mate-bionic_Linux-5.3-rc4_arm64_EMMC_V20190923.img OK.

Info: IMAGE: /home/dev/workspace/fenix/build/images/Edge_Ubuntu-mate-bionic_Linux-5.3-rc4_arm64_EMMC_V20190923.img  is ready!


Mon Sep 23 00:42:51 PDT 2019
Time elapsed: 2026 minute(s).

@quatro It look like no problems. Do you have a way to send me this firmware? Let me test it for you. I have a serial port tool here.

Yes, give me some time to compress it and upload it…

It’s being uploaded, it will be ready for download in an hour aprox… Thank you Frank !

Please download the image here…

@quatro OK ,I will check it today