Fails to boot after Ubuntu install

First of all, I just received Khadas Mind and tested briefly it with Windows. But target operating system for this was Ubuntu so I ran ubuntu install (I am using pxeless + cloud-init and installed “my usual” setup there, just to see if that works).

Installation started fine (after changing boot device to USB).

After install, Khadas will power up, then show briefly Khadas logo and then goes black.

I am unable to start the Khadas now and also I cannot understand how I could reach even BIOS (tried Del / F1 / F10 / F12).

Also tried to reset the BIOS (keeping power button pressed for 30 seconds, it started and keeped blinking fastly) but no success.

What should I try next?

I already tried to start again from USB stick also, but no success from there either.

According to this post Problems reinstalling Windows 11 on the Mind - #3 by Khadas_Sai it looks like you might need to hit F7. Hopefully this helps.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience you’ve experienced.

Based on your description, it appears that there may have been a BIOS malfunction during the Ubuntu installation process.

If you have already tried pressing DEL/F7 upon startup without success, please attempt a BIOS reset by pressing and holding the power button for 30 seconds. After the indicator light flashes rapidly, unplug your adapter, reconnect it, and then restart your machine to try again.

If resetting the BIOS does not resolve the issue, it may be necessary to return your machine to our engineers for local repair.

We take your concerns very seriously and will continue to follow up until the issue is resolved.

Thanks, will try this when I am near my Mind tomorrow!

Thanks, will try this also tomorrow.

And as an extra thing, for some reason I managed to boot this to newly installed ubuntu fine for one time, but not sure actually what I did to achieve that (hitting F1 at least). It worked fine, but after reboot the same issue persists.

Well, tried F7 but no success. I also tried HDMI monitor (previously used USB-C connected).

With F7 i managed to get few times the “boot device selection” modal visible for just briefly, but could not select anything from there (it just appeared and then went black again).

Is there anything I could try?