Erase bootloader

Hello everyone
When was flashing ( libreelec firmware ) the khadas vim with USB burning tool, by mistake i erase the bootloader from khadas.
Can i replace the bootloader like original?

You can just upgrade any Android ROM with USB-C cable method to restore the bootloader.

Actually, there are many different way to done that, if you are a developer, you can also try with Create a Bootable SD Card.


Hi gouwa,
I flash khadas with USB burning tool most of the firmware you send me. Just 2 complet with out error. When i startup khadas and push the buttons power+funcions never appears the menu of Android.

The i was talking is u- boot

Hi, Pedross:
What do you mean that menu of Android?

…u-boot??? Maybe

I’m still not quite understand the real problem that you stuck at, which status below you are facing:

  • You upgraded the new firmware/ROM with the USB burning tool successfully, but cannot boot into Android?
  • You just cannot fail to process the upgrade steps?

Thanks for helping.
I flash khadas with Android nougat, ok!
Write the sdcard with libreelec, ok!
Delete “dtb.img” and Rename “remote.conf.vim” to “remote.conf", ok!
Now i whant libreelec to unique operating system to run Kodi.

Thanks for the update!

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