I cannot get Audio through HDMI on my Edge-V V13 when I boot up Ubuntu Bionic 18.04 Image. I get audio only after I change display resolution.

Hello @theperfectpunk

I just check the image Edge_Ubuntu-lxde-bionic_Linux-4.4_arm64_EMMC_V20190116, and the HDMI audio works well on Youtube.

Can you provide more information? Have you tried other screen?

Hi @numbqq

I have checked different combinations of two TVs and one AVR, the results are as follows


Hello @theperfectpunk

Have you checked Android about this issue? We don’t have such TVs, so I can’t confirm that. Can you help me to check the Android on these TVs?


Hi @numbqq,

I have tested HDMI Audio on Android Nougat and it is working as expected in Android. Can we get it to work in Ubuntu/Debian also?

Not sure, I test all the TVs in our office and the HDMI audio works well. As I don’t have the TVs you provide, so I can’t check this. And we will release a new image this month.

Can you also check the Armbian iamge?

Hi @numbqq

I had two Khadas Edge V V13, both of them have gotten bricked when I tried to flash, so I can’t check the armbian edge for now. However I just tested HDMI Audio on Edge V V11, and It works with Images built with fenix 0.7 as well as binary images for SD-USB here https://docs.khadas.com/edge/FirmwareUbuntu.html.

Have there been any changes to HDMI Signal since V11?

Hello @theperfectpunk

What’s gotten bricked ? Can you provide more information?

No, they should be the same.