Edge V - Linux installation not working

Hi I am desperately trying to install linux on my khadas edge V.

I tried on both Linux and Windows host. USB and SD installations.

Nothing has worked so far.

On windows when I use the RKDevTool/android tool, I get the “no devices found” (tried booting on normal and upgrade mode). When I using the SD disk tool, and using a fenix image and Edge_Ubuntu-lxde-bionic_Linux-4.4_arm64_SD-USB_V20190830 I get the message: “Opening firmaware faileds”.

On linux when I try to install via USB, I get something like not in upgrade mode. But as far as I know it is and the image out of HDMI shows I am on upgrade mode.

Any idea why is this happening?

Upgrade with USB cable, please check here:

For SD image, you just need to dd the image to SD card and insert it to the SD slot and reset the board then it will boot from it.

Hi thanks for the prompt reply!

USB cable on Linux has not worked for me.

I have managed to install via SD but only the desktop version ( Edge_Ubuntu-lxde-bionic_Linux-4.4_arm64_SD-USB_V20190830)

Fenix image for mainline Ubuntu server has not worked, also when trying to get fenix cript to make mainline Debian server it throws an error (some jpg lib if I remember correctly).

Going to try more Fenix versions

Maybe you need to provide the error logs…

Finally made the fenix script work!

But after many configurations I have not been able to make a image with mainline uboot boot.

How did you succeed to burn Ubuntu image built with Fenix script?

I keep getting Test device start and then Test device failed error - I get it burning from Ubuntu and Windows :thinking:

@numbqq any ideas?

Tried to burn image using Krescue - no luck either - it says Image not suitable for Edge Board.

Which image? Do you use the latest tool from here ? https://dl.khadas.com/Tools/

For linux host, have you git pull to latest version?

Hello @hyphop please help to check.

plz clarify which one?

Hello, I may have missed it, but have you tried erasing the eMMC?

I have tried erasing EMMC from Krescue - still the same :thinking:

Ubuntu image I was trying to burn into Khadas Edge-V was built with fenix script:

$ source env/setenv.sh

Choose Khadas board:
1. Edge
2. VIM1
3. VIM2
4. VIM3
5. VIM3L

Which board would you like? [2] 1

Choose uboot version:
1. uboot-2017.09
2. uboot-mainline

Which uboot version would you like? [1] 2

Choose linux version:
1. linux-mainline

Which linux version would you like? [1] 1

Choose distribution:
1. Ubuntu
2. Debian

Which distribution would you like? [1] 1

Choose Ubuntu release:
1. bionic
2. focal

Which Ubuntu release would you like? [1] 2

Choose Ubuntu type:
1. server
2. minimal
3. xfce
4. lxde
5. gnome

Which Ubuntu type would you like? [1] 1

Set architecture to 'arm64' by default.

Choose install type:

Which install type would you like? [1] 1
#VERSION: 0.9.5



Environment setup done.
Type 'make' to build.

Using AndroidTool_Release_en_v2.71.zip on Windows 10 fails with Test device failed error using any image - even downloaded from Khadas. When I try Linux util, get pretty much the same:

rk-burn-tool -i /home/gytis/khadas/ubuntu/fenix/build/images/Edge_Ubuntu-server-focal_Linux-5.9-rc2_arm64_EMMC_V0.9.6-201112.img
[sudo] password for gytis: 
Burn to eMMC...
Rockchip Android image (or linux image compatible with AndroidTool one image burning) found!
Try to burn Rockchip image...
Program Data in /home/gytis/khadas/utils/rk-flash-tool/tools/Linux_Upgrade_Tool
Loading firmware...
Support Type:RK330C	FW Ver:fd.c0.3779	FW Time:2020-11-12 17:19:11
Loader ver:1.24	Loader Time:2020-11-12 16:48:58
Test Device Start

And it keeps forever in this.

The only was I succeeded to burn image was from Krescue downloading Ubuntu image from Khadas website - it downloaded SD-USB variant and successfully installed it, so I assume board is fine.

But if I upload my Ubuntu image built with Fenix to SD card and choose it from Krescue, it says that Image not suitable for Edge board. Tried both: EMMC and SD-USB images - still the same.

I don’t know if this will have any additional use, but before on this Edge-V I’ve had Android Pie and also TWRP installed.

@Gytis did you try images compressed to *.img.xz format loaded onto krescue?
it seems it doesn’t work that way (for VIM3 speaking)

Yes, Krescue uses images compressed with xz, so as Fenix generates .img, I have packed it to .img.xz. When I used Krescue to doenload image from dl.khadas.com, it downloaded .img.xz file and burned it correctly.

But when I used 'imgthat Fenix generated and I packed it toimg.xz, Krescue complained Image not suitable for Edge board`.

yes, I just got that recently, @hyphop should probably see if that restriction can be lifted in the next release :slight_smile:

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But what is different between images on dl.khadas.com and ones generated with Fenix? Shouldn’t it be similar enough so that Krescue would accept either?

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I think within the main Krescue program (that runs on top of openWRT itself)
filters out the files which aren’t in *.kresq format when reading from external flash or the downloads, this is just my assumption, Hyphop would know better than me here, so i’d leave it him to say why it happens.

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Yes, Krescue uses images compressed with xz, so as Fenix generates .img,

Krescue images compressed with xz, and Fenix can generate .img.xz too

Build Mainline compressed images


Build Legacy/Vendor/4.9 compressed images


NOTE: this compressed images with same xz comression but with some additional meta information which required by krescue - more detail there https://github.com/khadas/fenix/blob/master/scripts/xze

ADDITIONAL INFO: https://github.com/krescue/krescue/blob/master/docs/README_how_to_make_simple_krescue_image_xz.md


Thanks, I will rebuild and try out :+1:

BTW: https://dl.khadas.com/Firmware/Krescue/images/

Ubuntu-minimal-focal_Linux-4.9 for VIM1 VIM2 VIM3 VIM3l was reuploaded now its fully workable

i will check its for edge and upload later


Thanks for the manual @hyphop
I’ll have to try this again too :slight_smile:


I have upgraded Krescue, built Ubuntu Focal (mainline) with COMPRESS_IMAGE=yes make and chose SD-USB image type. Then copied Edge_Ubuntu-xfce-focal_Linux-5.9-rc2_arm64_SD-USB_V0.9.6-201118.img.xz to SD card dumps partition and launched Krescue - was able to burn that image successfully.

Thanks guys, Khadas is the best! :blush: