Edge-Android-10-V230524 Rom Release

Here release the Android 10.0 ROM, check Firmware Page to download the ROM.

ROM Infos:

Version(Latest): edge-android-10-v230524.xz Update List:

  • TP: add TP driver for TS101 TP
  • TP: fix not work for new TS050 TP
  • LCD: compatible with old TS050, new TS050, TS101 and HDMI
  • LCD: fix the problem of having a thin and bright line on the right side of the playing video
  • LOGO: add TS050 logo rotate 90 degrees
  • soc: rockchip: rk_fiq_debugger: fix interrupt fires forever

Version: edge-android-10-v220926.7z Update List:

  • Remove the pop-up ‘Phone is starting’ interface after power failure and startup
  • Fix mic of Captain board
  • update logo.bmp
  • WOL: When WOL is turned on and the power is cut off abnormally, the machine is powered on and kept in the shutdown state

Version: Edge_Qt_V210630.7z Update List:

  • Fix the problem of abnormal MAC addr in factory test app
  • Force MAC addr from MCU

Version: Edge_Qt_V210521.7z Update List:

  • Turn on Bluetooth mic
  • Fix edp + 4K hdmi, The second screen is abnormal
  • Fix edp bug
  • add edp dts config demo: rk3399-khadas-edge-android-edp.dts

Version: Edge_Qt_V201223.7z Update List:

  • Add khadas api
  • Fan: Increase speed to 5 levels
  • Merge from Rockchip release(RK: android-10.0-mid-rkr11, AOSP: android-10.0.0_r45)

    Update code is best synchronized with this command:repo sync --force-sync -j4

Version: Edge_Qt_V200908.7z Update List:

  • Fixed IR analog mouse not working
  • Remove old API pop-up warnings
  • Add red led control menu support
  • Add Wol menu support
  • Speed up fan and led to accept power on to complete broadcast
  • WIFI :Open wifi sta and AP coexistence mode–You can connect to WiFi and share hotspots
  • Modify BOARD_RECORD_COMMIT_ID from true to false
  • Fixed the DP display abnormal display and DP touch can not be used
  • Fixed that some machines could not be started
  • Filter ‘android.hardware.radio@1.1::IRadio/slot1’ log
  • Merge from Rockchip release(RK: android-10.0-mid-rkr9, AOSP: android-10.0.0_r36)
  • Merge from Rockchip release(RK: android-10.0-mid-rkr10, AOSP: android-10.0.0_r40)

    Update code is best synchronized with this command:repo sync --force-sync -j4

Version(Beta): Edge_Qt_V200709.7z

  • MD5SUM: c7083a57cd20c927a4467738baffc280
  • The ROM is for EMMC installation only

Upgrade guidance:

The Android Source Code :


thank you for the good news!

Android Qt? Is This the Android 10 preview ? :open_mouth:

yes buddy, you guessed right

yes…However, Android 10.0, rockchip does not support Android TV :broken_heart:


I believe it is called Android Q, where did the “t” come from :thinking:

perhaps mo123 will create its own ATV ROM, it does very well!

maybe a “Test” version

yes, never thought of it that way,
good thinking :smile:

this is just an assumption, maybe Goenjoy will be able to clarify!

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According to a Wikipedia
“… references to “qt”—an abbreviation of “quince tart”, within internal files and build systems relating to the release…”

A little cryptic for my simple mind, I’ll stick with “10”. :grin:


Quince Tart?, the only “Tarts” I have have ever ate were “Pop Tarts” :laughing:

You know the Google Android crew cannot keep their minds off of sweet treats. They may not name them after treats anymore, but this reveals they are still thinking it. And who could blame them? :laughing:

Yeah, I agree, take a look at other companies, they too have their weird but ok naming schemes,

Intel => Kaby lake, Coffee lake, Comet lake… (No idea here)
Cannonical => Bionic Beaver, Eoan Ermine, Focal Fossa… (Probably animals)
Taco bell => extremo, supremo, dorito… (No Idea here either)

At the end of the day it depends on what they like, and how they want to stand out from the crowd…

Is “Android Device Policy” possible with this Android 10 release?

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Our firmware does not contain this APK. You can install it yourself.

@goenjoy We are trying to install a ticket printer for our self service terminal. The printer has an android apk (https://www.custom4u.it/pages/product/index.php /utilities/AndroidPrinterSet). Installing it on a Android 10 (and on a 9) mobile device the printer is connecting and working. But on the Edge it is not recognized at all. Not even as a USB device. We saw that on the mobile it is asking us to allow permission to connect to the USB device, this is not happening on the edge.

I don’t have this problem with USB device verification.

Plug in the USB device and see if there is a similar log for connecting the USB device in the kernel log.

@goenjoy This permission request is not coming up at all with any of the USB devices (Logitech Brio Camera, USB Stick etc) Even so I know them from mobile devices. How do we access the kernel log? Google did not help :wink:

You need to use a USB/UART debugging tool connected to device on one end and PC on the other…

the resultant output is known as the kernel log, refer to this guide…

I believe it feels weird for you to have to keep getting/ buying stuff :sweat_smile: