DVB/DTV Extension Board for VIM2 (VTV)

VIM2 and dTV board have been working fairly flawlessly on CE for over a year at this stage.
Its the only software that fully supports this combination apart from the bundled Android player.
The board will be supported indefinately.


Finally I got CoreELEC working on my VIM2 and VTV is now recognized as Availink avl6862 :+1:

Is there a way to automatically find out muxes in Tvheadend? I add network but no clue how to continue from there on :neutral_face:

My cable provider has both scrambled and free channels on DVB-C and also a bunch of channels via analog.

There is a set of preloaded regional setups within Tvheadend. These allow selection of specific transmitters and SAT’s.
There is a wizard within TVheadend which steps you through the setup process from start to finish. This is far easier to use than doing it manually which is a little bit counter intuitive.


Does this usb TBS5520SE tuner work with VIM3?

CoreELEC supports it! With driver crazycat with improvements made by @afl1_1
LibreELEC Support for it will be available as soon as kernel 5.4 is released with the words @chewitt.
Let’s wait and live to see.
Because I only buy my SBC after the TBS5520SE is functional with LibreELEC, the same as it works with CoreELEC.
SBC manufacturers are forgetting to support this group of people in their firmware. Everywhere I see these questions.

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Hey folks, I’v read the whole topic but still confused. please give me a nudge in the right direction. first of all is there an open source driver for VTV board extension for Linux distributes or its close source and only for Android?
If there is driver for VTV board extension for Linux then which open source application do you recommend to get the live channels, it has to be open source because I want to modify the application
thanks pals,

есть ли рабочий Enigma2 для vim2

Nothing appeared for enigma2, it didn’t work for serial demodulator (VIM2).

будет ли продолжен поиск Enigma2 для vim2
и есть ли программы для андроид кроме vtv

vtv- убога самая плохая программа
китайские тюнера никто не хочет из за плохого программного обеспечения
найдите альтернативу

i connected my odroid n2+ to the vtv with coreelec 9.5.2(stable) , g12b_s922x_odroid_n2plus_dvb.dtb.
and i added the driver crazycat + DVB drivers from the latest kernel, but it seems that i’m missing a software configuration or driver because nothing is detected the tvhendend shows me nothing … i don’t know what are the propriate drivers or config that i have to add

@ikram I don’t think the VTV board is compatible with devices other than khadas VIM2.

no it’s compatible with odroid n2 https://discourse.coreelec.org/t/odroid-n2-and-internal-dvb-tuners/5014

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In the latest versions of CoreElec, I use system DVB drivers. Crazycat’s drivers are disabled. All work OK on VIM2.

This is my pins connexions and the drivers that I installed in fact pogo pins of the vtv are a little bit special I don’t know if this connection are right…

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Check connections main board and vtv.
Do you rename g12b_s922x_odroid_n2plus_dvb.dtb to dtb.img?