Dual boot LibreELEC and Lakka

Got a Vim Pro a few days ago. After doing some research, I found out about Lakka, (in an overly simplified description) a fork of LibreELEC that replaces Kodi with Retroarch. I’m curious about a few things:

  1. LibreELEC to dual booting
  2. Lakka support

I don’t know much about Linux nor ARM, but I’m willing to learn. If anyone would be kind enough to supply the images, point me in the direction to start learning on how to port Lakka over to Vim and dual booting it with LibreELEC (I doubt I’ll be able to do this any reasonable time frame, and I’m used googling for hours), or if nothing else where to start learning about using ARM architecture and using Linux as more than just a basic Ubuntu user, I would greatly appreciate it.

Hello, I have no experience with Lakka or Retroarch on the Vim or others. This may be of interest to you. Also here.
Hope it helps.

General differences between RISC(ARM) and CISC(X86) architectures can be found here.