Working Image for Emulation! "Sx095RE v1.4b Emulationstation+Lakka+Kodi"



Building a GameBoy “Khadas” I have found a working image of LibreElec with embedded emulators!


Dual boot LibreELEC and Lakka
libreElec burn card maker erreor L(1005)aml_sdc_burn.UBOOT
Linux batocera ou retropie for khadas


How did you install it?
I’ve copy the 1.4 image to SDCard, then boot with SDCard inserted (as I do with balbes150 image) and Khadas keeps on rebooting displaying only the VIM boot image.

I have Android Vim_Nougat_Root_170421 on EMMc



I have tryed same with 1.5, and it did not work.
Finaly it works, this way: with Win32DiskImager y copy the image to SDCard, open the folder an delete the file dtb.img

Whithout this file it works, but I can´t configure keyboard.
Im testing


Hi Cimmarron

With your help I’ve also manage to run have v1.5.
USB neogeo controller configures, Kodi works with my usb dvb-t pen MyGica T230 + TVHeadend, so I’m quite happy with this image.

Thank you so much for your input.



I hope this image will be improved.