Dual Boot - Dual OS and Multiple OS on VIM3 or VIM3L

I don’t see the option of adding Dual OS on the VIM3. Do you plan to support that?

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YES! please wait! coming soon!


That would be nice , i have a usb3 case with sata ssd inside …, would be great to have krescue support for multi OS via USB3

Looking forward to the Dual Boot aswell. Made my VIM2 really versitile, and been waiting to use it for the VIM3 but is still nowhere to be found.

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Any news on the dual boot OS? Really want to use Android, but need Ubuntu for a project and flashing between is not an option.


am also wanting Android + Volumio dual OS

guys, I think you need to be patient, since Hyphop is currently busy implementing Rockchip for Krescue, I’m sure he will do it all!

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Yeah, let him take some time, you can’t help two people at the same time :upside_down_face:
But… in the case that you can, I am sure Hyphop would probably do it, be patient is the only thing I can say :slightly_smiling_face:

Any update on this dual boot?

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it’s been 1 year, and i haven’t seen the dual boot that would be soon, i’m still waiting, thanks.

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I am still waiting. That was the only reason I bought the SBC.

You should verify existing capabilities of an sbc before purchasing, not its potential. That’s basic sbc101

I think I have mentioned this before, but you can try minos hypervisor:
GitHub - minosproject/minos: Microkernel RTOS with SMP and Virtualization support for ARMv8-A

you can single, double or even triple boot systems on it, its an alternative approach to multibooting. :slightly_smiling_face:

whennnnnnnnnnnn pls answer

Do we have Any updates?

What does work very reliably is boot from USB with SSD. Just use Pi Imager to the burn the image on the SSD.

SSD are cheap around $20 USD for a NETAC 150 Gb. It does take a good adapter cable, startech has one.

We just power down and swap the SSD and its on a different OS.