Vim3L noob questions

use device how android box.

for multimedia exclusively?

It’s exactly the same procedure on both boxes.
I run CoreELEC from SD Card and AppTV from Emmc .
The link you provided V2. (Sorry about my wrong link to normal Android)

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Unfortunately, in multimedia the Vim3l device is very weak (remember that I gave a link to the review and you did not play 4k content on YouTube?). However, I’m sorry, this does not apply to the topic of discussion.

I don’t like CoreElec downloading from sd, but I like CoreElec downloading from emmc!

Soon we’ll be happy with Dual Boot OS Emmc
I run the Vim2 CE Emmc and it’s super fast updating and doing thumbnails but that’s about it comparing to Vim3L and Vim3 running SD Card CE.
I’ve never tried SC ATV on SD card.
Is it possible ??

no, yes and this is not the best option, believe me, I am opposed to any, any kind of loading the OS with sd.

Yes, this is the best option !!

Can someone step by step (may be video instruction recommend) explain how to guarantee clear the EMMС device memory VIM3L device?
Unfortunately, I have a ROM that blocks the loading of any other boot image (by the way, if you don’t want to solve a similar problem, do not install superceleron`s ATV ROM), I was given advice here, but I don’t understand what cable is needed for flashing (any UART USB cable will do? sorry but i’m a noob :slight_smile:)?

use krescue for this

did you understand my problem? :slight_smile: Supercelerons ATV ROM blocks any other boot ROM (krescue) or installation over the network (no access to EMMC memory). I am now trapped :), I can’t install anything else, and Supercelerons ATV ROM have many bugs (it would be better if I didn’t install it at all) and has no auto-update (OTA update)… there is no desire to use this ATV ROM and can not delete/reinstall :frowning:

Yes, I understand you.
erase eMMC full

But, how? :thinking: krescue ROM do not start in boot (there would be no problem with my question).

rewrite krescue, maybe something happened to your micro-sd.

It seems understood, you need to flash with the USB Burning Tool and you can not?

I already tried this (tried 7 times :rofl:), also tried to install over the network (access to EMMS memory is denied. This problem arose only after installing ATV).

У вас сейчас какая версия андройд?
Просто Hyphop пишет о старых версиях андройд которые могут блокировать загрузку krescue

VIM3L.Android.TV_FINAL-v1.0-20191023.SC.emmc.kresq (old version # 1)

Yes, this is my problem :frowning:

Тогда всё просто! USB Burning Tool умеете пользоваться?

Do you mean to record the image on the SD card (yes I can)?
or use a UART USB cable to connect VIM3L to PC?

Вам нужно прошить последнюю версию, лучше всего стоковый андройд как раз через USB Burning Tool по кабелю, и потом я думаю не должно быть проблем с загрузкой krescue

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maybe … but I thought, on the device itself, there should be some kind of key combination so that you can clear the memory without additional manipulations (there is USB Burning tool for Windows OS and it’s not convenient for me… i use linux).