Driver or FW need to be fix


hi ,is this a headphone amplifier?
yes, I hope you like the way it sounds!

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Looks amazing buddy, those Nixie tubes, really gives the vibe…

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Nice setup, always liked the glow of tubes. But to me, Nixie tubes are alphanumeric displays.

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:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :headphones: :star_struck:
sounds amazing, the sound is deeper and more stage like

thx my friends, my first ever dac + amp in to the world of audio


yes, modern DACs are able to make music livelier

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I am unsure if it supports DSD or not as I both do not have any DSD media and AIMP does not support it easily.

Listening to instrumental music by Hanszimmer on my khadas tone + iphone Volumio app

What a joy


yes, there is such happiness for Android lovers too

Wow!, Hans zimmer ? you really know your music composers !!!

Hi there,
I´m just new with the Tone Board, and wonder if you guys can recommend the best allround drivers out there.

DO you think that the Win10 defult built in drivers are enough?, or should I install thesycon drivers?

And what version you do recommend.

Thanks a lot.

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It seems 4.13 drivers are so far the best option, as per what I’ve seen in this thread.

Problem is that they are not any longer available in the link posted by ParasKPatel

Does anyone have a working link?
I would like to try that one ans see how it goes.

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here you go.

To Enable ASIO use HIFI-CABLE & ASIO-Bridge (Donationware)
Virtual Hi-Fi Cable And ASIO Bridge (XP, VISTA, WIN7, WIN8 32/64 bits)


Thanks so much AKBAAR!
I will do so.


Is there any downsides to using that driver? Is it better than the current latest.

not as that i know of

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So much love Khadas! Please support us with Full drivers


Is that the Tone 2 ??

Buddy, have you forgotten what ToneBoard1 looks like? pictured TB1 together with the vim board!