Connecting TS050 Touch Screen after lastest Android update

I did the latest Android update on my VIM3 which should have support for the TS050 Touch Screen, the update worked but when I connected my TS050 the display did not work. Is there a setting I need to change in the VIM3 settings?


All you have to do is connect the touchscreen correctly to the Vim3 and power it on.
It will work directly on the TS050. I have tested it myself and it works fine.

Here is the image of ts050 working in latest android built.

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Thanks Spikerguy.

I have connected the screen as shown in your photo but it still does not work…maybe something is faulty.

Hey have you tried removing the ts050 and connecting hdmi and check the Android version?

You need the latest android version for it to work. Or try to reflash it again with erase bootloader

Hello, I don’t have the display, but I am curious about your power input to the VIM3. Is your power supply of sufficient volts and amps to run/light the display?


I checked the Android version using HDMI and it is version 90809 which as far as I can tell the latest version…is ‘erase bootloader’ a program I can run?

The power supply I am using supplies 2 amps at 12 volts

This must be 190809 which is a very old version of android.

It should be something like this V191122
Please flash this ROM and then the LCD will work fine.

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Success! Thanks Spikerguy and the Forum for helping with my Noob questions and sticking with me in the face of my dumbassery.

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