Connecting Tone Board from USB directly to 40pin header

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I’m making a standalone volumio audio player/streamer using an Intel NUC kit and a Khadas Tone Board (generic). I have successfully fitted the TB into the NUC case but the usb input (receptacle) is in a place where a usb cable (the one that came with TB) can’t be used because there’s not enough space. My options are either to make my own cable or using the 40pin GPIO on the TB. The Intel NUC has an internal USB header from which I will draw the four cables (5V, GND. D+, D-). If I use pin 1 for 5V and pin 21 for GND, can I use pins 3 and 4 for D- and D+?

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Refer to:

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Thank you. Have you considered releasing a bare version of the Tone Board, ie without RCA’s? It’s perfect already for DIY but it can get better!


Haha! Can you believe it? We actually have a whole tray of “Bare Tone Boards” in the office.

I’ll leave that up to @Gouwa to consider.

Thank you for your suggestion! :slight_smile:


Good idea to Customise the location of RCA if required Excellent

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@Gouwa tells me that you can email us at, and we can send Tone Boards without RCAs as a “custom order” for you.

Have a look here at my implementation: