Rpi connection to TB by USB


I want to install TB inside a case together with Rpi.
I do not want to use usb to usb-c connection between them, but Rpi usb to TB GPIO.
Which are GPIO to be used?


Hi Livius,

You can refer to the documentation here: https://docs.khadas.com/toneboard/UserManual.html


Then refer to the bottom of your Tone Board for the numbering.


Be note that leave the USB-C port not connected, as XMOS USB is finally over a switch to the USB-C port or the GPIO USB, and will switch to the USB-C port if it’s conectted. Check below for the info:

Have fun!


Thank you!
When it will be available the generic edition?


We are already doing the new batch production, will confirm and update the time in this week.

Have fun!


Still have some stock from our distributor:

Have fun!


Thank you, but the price is 30% more than your shop.