Changing Monitor Orientation Settings on Khadas VIM4 Device

Hello Khadas community,

I’m looking to change the orientation settings of the display on my Khadas device along with an external monitor. Specifically, I want to set the Khadas device’s screen to portrait orientation and the external monitor to landscape orientation. I’m curious about how to accomplish this on Linux-based systems. Here’s what I’ve tried so far and the results I’ve encountered:

  • I’ve attempted using the xrandr command, but it doesn’t seem to work under Wayland.

  • Regardless of which desktop environment or window manager I use, how can I programmatically change the monitor orientation settings for both the internal Khadas display and an external monitor?

I appreciate any assistance you can provide. Thank you!

Hello @metehandal will help you then.

Hi @metehandal
you can refer to the solution topic: