Changing boot logo VIM

I would like to change the VIM boot logo when the device first boot. I have already changed the android boot animation by adb push a new boot

Can anyone help me with the adb command for the initial vim logo?

Build number: Vim_Marshmallow_20161209

The initial vim logo is packed as logo.img and it is loaded into logo partition. You can load yourself logo.img into the logo partition by tftp.


How can I get to the logo partition?
I’ve looked into /proc/partitions but I don’t know which one to pick.

Could it be /dev/block/mmcblk0?

About how to change the logo, You can look Build Bootup Logo for U-Boot.

The logo partitions is mmcblk0p5 on android
The logo partitions is mmcblk1p5 on ubuntu

My bad didn’t see that page. Thank you! :relaxed:

How were you able to update I am getting an read-only error during adb push. When trying to remount /system in rw mode, I get another error:

/system not in proc/mounts

Did you try,

adb pull /data/local/ c:\
adb push /data/local/

There is no in /data/local and I can’t push to /data/local due to permissions issue

sorry I got that wrong,
to get permissions do,

cd /system/media
chmod 777

then do,

adb pull /system/media/ c:\
adb push /system/media/

Sorry I should have mentioned earlier, permissions issue:
chmod 777 fails with readonly file system error as well

And I ran the chmod as su.

You need to mount the system partition to rw

# adb root
# adb remount
# adb push /system/media/
# adb shell reboot

That did it!

One more question :slight_smile: where does the bootanimation go in the source for Vim3Pro ? /device/khadas/kvim3/(?)

There is no “product” directory in kvim3 folder.


The path is device/khadas/common/products/mbox/

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Thanks! That worked.

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Link is broken, new: