Can't boot with the latest libreelec image on S905

I have been struggling to run the libreelec on my newly purchased S905. It has Android 6.0.1 installed by default. It can boot into android without any problem. Now I wish to have libreelec installed because I want to use it as my home music server. I followed the following steps:

  1. On my ubuntu system , I write the image into sd card:

    sudo dd if=LibreELEC-S905_SD_USB.aarch64-17.6_20180122-KVIM.img of=/dev/sdb bs=4M && sync

    eject /dev/sdb

  2. plug card into s905. Boot the device into android, from there choose settings and then update, select the script and click on update

  3. The system reboot, hangs on “Khadas” screen forever.

Would you please help me out? Thanks a lot!

Our ROM only works on Khadas products :wink:

Which device model you have?

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It’s S905X, I was told VIM1 BASIC

The first post have the steps to install the LibreELEC ROM:

Yes, I followed this post. Download the image file, open the image, delete dtb.img, rename the remote.conf.vim, then write to SD: dd if=xxx of=xxx, and then plug into the device, boot the device into android. then select update, reboot, system hangs on “Khadas”

Do not delete the dtb file . The info is outdated (I don’t have access to edit old posts).

Can you update the instructions here first, I will update to the original topic :wink:

Hello geohuz,

You don’t need to delete dtb.img.

  1. Writing image to SD card
$ sudo dd if=LibreELEC-S905_SD_USB.aarch64-17.6_20180122-KVIM.img of=/dev/sdX
  1. Rename remote.conf.vim to remote.conf

  2. Boot the device into android. then select update, reboot
    Note: Don’t use PC USB host to supply the power, ro you will fail to boot into LiberELEC.


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Nick already wrote the correct algorithm for KODI-17. For the latest versions of KODI-18 is even easier, you only need to record the desired image, activate the multi-boot and the system will automatically start with all the necessary settings (including with the support of the remote control). :slight_smile:


A HUGE thanks to numbqq!!!

Note: Don’t use PC USB host to supply the power, ro you will fail to boot into LiberELEC.

saves my life!