Can we use n2+ armbian on vim3 with little changes?

Hi, as the title says. Can we use below on vim3 with little changes?

Odroid N2 / N2+ – Armbian

Sorry if it’s a stupid suggestion, I’m new to sbc world

In theory it could be possible, you would most likely need to swap the mainline kernel and bootloader…

I suggest you get some advice from @hyphop and @numbqq

The core Armbian OS itself should be be fairly compatible (if using a 5.10/5.11 kernel) - you’d only need to swap the device-tree that’s configured, but the N2 u-boot sources are not compatible with VIM3. If you understand how Armbian builds the image it’s not that hard to use different u-boot bits (hint: Index of /testing/u-boot/ for pre-compiled 2021.04-rc2).


Is there a risk of bricking the device if i do something wrong in above mentioned steps?

If yes, then I’ll stay away and wait for someone else more knowledgeable to do it and use it then. I think meanwhile i can use manjaro or Ubuntu

it won’t brick your device, but if you have the wrong bootloader, device tree or kernel, you will prevent it from booting, you can try some testing on SD card or pendrive, then if it works, you can procced to flashing to eMMC as you like :slightly_smiling_face:

if it does accidentally brick the eMMC, no worries, you can always use Krescue to get you out of the tricky situation

Try not to mix and match things.
If you don’t have uart debugging tools and time to invest then just follow official steps so you don’t have to put much time investigating the issue.
Boot krescue from sd card and flash any os you want from the list.

Most should work fine. Manjaro images are usually tested before sharing.

Is this the folder for the latest armbian images for VIM3? (as per balbes150 instructions)

The images seem a bit older… will they update after installation?

The last one would be from least year as Balbes stopped supporting amlogic hardware.

You can look at armbian images but idk if they have ready to use image for vim3

I’m learning Fenix and also how to build armbian from source. Let’s see how it goes.

I built some images of mainline Ubuntu using fenix last night however i haven’t received the board yet, so cannot test if it is correctly built or not.

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Armbian plans to improve support for Khadas boards.


Great news.

although finally i was able to understand balbes150 single RKAWAML image and how to boot it.

But official support will be much better, also fenix and krescue support.

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Is there Any update for khadas vim3?

Not asking for any ETA, just that is armbian still planning to support it or the decision has changed somehow?

Hi @igorp

Is there any roadmap for adding vim3 support to armbian? I haven’t seen any khadas devices in armbian github…have you guys changed your minds or is it just pending due to other stuff?

Thanks for your response in advance…

Please wait patiently, everything is on going and it should not be very long.